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Residential & Commercial Pool Services in Houma

Craig's Pool Services in Houma offers a number of pool services for new and existing pools for residential and commercial clients.

swimming pool cleaning

Cleaning and General Maintenance Service

Enjoying your pool requires keeping it clean. If you’d rather enjoy the benefits without all the work, Craig's Pool Services can clean your pool for you. This includes adding or changing out the chemicals, skimming the pool, vacuuming the pool and the walls, power washing the deck, and removing any white buildup.

filtration pump pool

Pump Installations

If your pool needs a new pump, Craig's Pool Services can install one to fit the size and depth of any pool. Whether your old pump has given out or you want to upgrade, our pumps circulate cleaner water faster, using less energy to save you money as well.

pool check ph levels

Acid Washing

Once algae starts growing in your pool, it can quickly get out of control. Algae are caused by a poor pH balance in your pool. If your water is green and has unpleasant floating algae in it, don’t let it ruin your next swim. Call Craig's Pool Services and we will acid wash your pool. This process kills the algae, restores the pH balance, and cleans your pool water. Depending on how much algae are in your pool, we may be able to skim them out or we will drain your pool and refill it. Our team will offer chemical use tips to prevent this from happening again.

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The expert contractors at Craig's Pool Services understand all the back-end end work it takes to keep a clean, comfortable pool working properly. We’ll install and retrofit all the necessary plumbing to get water in and out of your pool, drainage systems, and electrical components for pumps and lights. From complete installation to modifications and repairs, we’ll take care of all the behind the scenes work so all you have to do is get in the pool.

poolside ocean view outdoors

Salt Water System Repairs

Salt water pools are growing in popularity. They make you feel like you’re swimming in the ocean, can soften your skin, and relieve muscle tension. Our staff knows how to work with the specifics of salt water systems, making any repair you need.

pool clean equipment hose

Equipment Repair

We can repair any type of pool equipment, including pumps, filters, drains, vacuums, lights, ladders, diving boards, or any other type of equipment.

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Pool Inspections

Avoid major problems by catching them early and having yearly pool inspections. Craig's Pool Services will look for cracks, pump issues, algae or sediment buildup, test the pH balance, and any other structural elements of your pool, informing you of any problems and scheduling repairs if needed.

pool water testing

Chemical Delivery

Save yourself the time and gas of picking up pool chemicals from the store. We offer chemical delivery. We know the exact amounts you need for your size and type of pool and we can pre-schedule deliveries so you’ll be ready to change the chemicals as often as needed.

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